work / werk

The photographic images are the result of a sculptural past in which I combined materials which were seemingly incompatible into installations. In the photographic images the body is introduced as a sculptural element and the focus is on the connection between object and body. Objects intervene in human space and invite actions. New meanings for objects and the human body arise by placing pre-existing elements in a different context. For me, sculptural acts are a way of connecting art and life.

2020 – present : SCULPTURAL ACTS

photografic development of concept, design & performance : Jet de Kort

courtesy : Jet de Kort

final photography ©️ : Dries Van den Brande

She Was Here, 2021

Underneath The Canopy, 2021

Sculptural Moments, 2020 – 2022

You Look Like Me, 2020

Just A Moment, 2021 – 2022

Horizon, 2021

2022 – present : SCULPTURAL SPACE

2015 – 2020 : SCULPTURAL SPACE

Lines, voids and objects define space. Lines function as fragile markers in space and consist of wood, metal, textiles, chalk or charcoal. My interest is in the line as boundary- or contour line, as topographic- or shadow line, as lines with reference to writing. When lines are supported, they take over the function of the plinth. I like the fragility of the line vis-à-vis the firmly existence of the object, the way the surrounded space becomes part of the work that brings in light, reflections and shadows. 

1990 – 2002 : IN SITU (selection)

1980 – 1991 : BLACK & WHITE / LIGHT & SPACE (selection)