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Delicate sculptural stories (fragment)

A mountainous landscape in plaster that adheres to the front of a weathered plywood sheet. A seemingly randomly folded piece of metal wire. A carefully folded woollen blanket. A pair of symmetrically kicked-out shoes. A deconstructed man’s shirt. Beautifully curved marble sculptures. Chalk lines, charcoal, plastic, wood and glass. 

Taken together like this, they seem completely incompatible. But in the world of Jet De Kort, everything falls into place. So silently and perfectly, her works seem to generate a new vibration. A space that you enter hesitantly, because you know that only in utter silence and motionlessness will you understand what is going on.

And then it happens. Sudden connections, like a silent chain reaction, slight sparks of mutual understanding between the various visual elements, a back and forth of meanings that do not necessarily have to arrive somewhere. Should you feel uneasy if you don’t know how to read the story right away? Not at all. Because telling a story with the intelligibility of words is not Jet De Kort’s intention.

In this gifted, plastic thinking, the image frees itself from its classical meaning by abstraction. The result is a fascinating ambiguity, but also an openness, a playful invitation to the viewer to wander mentally through these scenographies and, above all, to invent his own storyline. In all their modest refinement, Jet De Kort’s spaces are rich pools of meaning from which the viewer can draw at will. She does not direct, she only offers generously, the multi-interpretable as a gift for the attentive observer.

Jet De Kort herself calls these delicate sculptural spaces ‘snapshots’. Stills of a possible life. We read a great vulnerability, installations that are as fragile as life itself. Forms that are intrusive and invasive, like it or not. A frantic search for shelter and protection too. Holding back and allowing in, often all in one image. The awareness of our ultra-brooding existence, the knowledge that nothing today offers certainty for tomorrow, and the transgression of every boundary, are all reflected again and again. Jet De Kort offers welcome islands of meditation, silently instructing us about life. 

Annelies A.A. Vanbelle, The Art Couch nov. 2019

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